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NEW MUSLIM COOL, ACTIVE VOICE and P.O.V. are creating a national community engagement campaign designed to spark critical conversations among diverse groups around America and we want to work with YOU to:

  • Open new conversations about faith, youth, race, class and culture in our ever-changing society
  • Enrich multi-faith, inter-generational, and cross-cultural understanding
  • Inspire new community and civic engagement
  • Help to strengthen coalitions across identity lines

We are in the planning stages for a campus and community tour to start up this fall — so please signup for our email list (on  sidebar) or contact us if you’d like us to come to your school or community with the film and an extra event such as a hip-hop or creative writing workshop, dialogue session, or music performance.


Here are some ways to get involved now:

  • Join our mailing list to stay informed of upcoming events (see form on sidebar)
  • Join our Facebook group
  • Embed our video clips on your website or blog
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Photo by Mica Baum-Tuccillo