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isl ● am ● erica [ is’läm-ə’merikə ]
By Kauthar Umar

The isl ● am ● erica anthology examines the relationship between Muslims and American popular culture, with an emphasis on hip-hop and the identities of young Muslims in the US.  It is the first photographic anthology to document a counter-culture movement created by Muslims of the hip-hop generation and shaped by faith, fashion, music and politics.


Photo by Laylah Amatullah Barrayn

Photographs, essays, interviews, and poetry tell the story of this racially and ethnically diverse subculture that’s influenced popular culture in America over the past three decades. With images by famed photographers Jamel Shabazz, Radcliffe Roye, Joe Conzo and more, this anthology compiles vibrant images depicting contemporary Muslim youth culture in America.

isl ● am ● erica profiles the best of Muslim Street Fashion, an interesting blend of North American style and Muslim cultural symbolism.  Images of Muslim youth in traditional Arab keffiyehs and Nike high-tops, Cazel glasses and chains with “Allah” pendants, Timberland stilettos and denim jilbabs, are profiled.

isl ● am ● erica also includes photo essays that explore images of love, marriage, family, lifestyle and masculinity among this very young, culturally blended community. In addition there are interviews and images of Islam-conscious hip-hop pioneers, today’s young Muslim producers and MC’s, DJ’s, B-boys and girls, graffiti artists, slam poets, fashionistas, stand-up comics and activists; all of whom lend their voices to the ongoing dialogue about Islam in America.

isl ● am ● erica
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